Here are just a few success stories:

Bella Says:

I've just heard someone on youtube speak of the power of conversation that when one is engaged in a conversation with someone it is as if one is unfolding an entire universe as you engage with them. This is exactly how I feel my interactions and four months of coaching with Anthony has felt like. A new universe in that a magical spark took flight and with each session my awareness of self began to spring life.

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Itumeleng Says:

Anthony is a genius but so modest about it. My life took a full 180 degrees turn.

It is quite hard to explain, really, but I know that my life is now in my hands and I take full responsibility for my decisions and attitude towards life.

If you feel like there is no hope for you, or you just don’t have a clue, this is the coaching for you. He is perfect for professionals who know what they are able to achieve but are not able to take the first step.

Lana says:

I recently had the pleasure of working alongside Anthony for a few days. He is very professional, competent, kind and caring and his positive attitude resonates well with his clients.

Aleksander says:

Anthony is an excellent coach. He is very insightful and has a lot of great tools for helping people “get unstuck” and move forward with whatever it is they need to do. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Nepherite Says:

I recently had the privilege of working with Anthony, his loving kindness is beyond amazing, he is a passionate, loyal, enthusiastic being. Thank you for being the magnificent person you are and for being a part of my journey.

Dorian says:

Thank-you Anthony for being the person that you are and making it your life’s ambition to empower others like me to take charge of their lives. I begin a new journey free from conflict and now I truly see the world abundant with new possibilities. The story of my life is written by my own hand.

Vasintha says:

Anthony is deeply dedicated to his practice of coaching and has much wisdom, insight and expertise to share with his clients and peers alike.

It has been interesting and uplifting working with Anthony and I was particularly taken by his sharp wit and contagious enthusiasm.

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