Relationship Coaching

Relationship Coaching

Relationships are undeniably the cause of the greatest joy or suffering, but for most people they are nothing short of a mystery.

All relationship problems have an incompatible value system at their root. However, incompatibility is not terminal. Where both parties are willing and invested there is no relationship that cannot be repaired.

As well as value system coaching, the client will be coached in revolutionary communication skills, and will set relationship goals to work towards.

True compatibility in a relationship lies in two value systems that are comparable. Relationships often go wrong because our values evolve over time and we can find ourselves out of sync with our partner in terms of our value systems. Remember, values affect the way we think and perceive, as well as our behaviour.

As a Relationship Coach I can help you with:

  • Being content with being single.
  • Attracting the ideal mate, while becoming the ideal mate.
  • Relationship issues that are threatening your happiness and the stability of your relationship.
  • Surviving and thriving in the midst of a break up or divorce.
  • Being an ace in any relationship, romantic or otherwise.


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