The only guaranteed way to stay stuck is to simply do nothing.

Think about it for a moment, how much money do you spend on trying to feel better? What do you spend money on to feel better? Retail therapy? A night out with the boys? A pack a day? A bottle of vino to help you relax?

But you find that when you are finished with these things real life reasserts itself and you have to do something to feel better again. So in other words, these things don’t really help you at all, they simply distract you. They are ineffective, and ultimately, very expensive.

An investment in coaching is an investment into lasting change that will bring joy, creativity, and a sense of wellbeing into your life, relationships, and your business. If you want to know what successful living feels like then coaching is for you.

Here are the packages I offer:

Sessions start from as little as R700 a session:

The Personal Breakthrough (the flagship package, for those who want move their lives forward in a major way – includes all of my coaching offerings)

(13 sessions)

The Emotional Breakthrough (If you have recently been through a traumatic experience of any kind, or you have emotional baggage from the past that you want to clear out)

(4 sessions)

The Relationship Breakthrough (If you are single, in a relationship, or recently divorced, and you want to be relationship ready)

(7 sessions)

The Business Breakthrough (If you are starting a business, or want to be even more successful in your current business or position)

(7 sessions)

Stress Buster (If you suffer from colds and sinus a lot, have trouble sleeping, are constantly worried, or just feel like you aren’t coping)

(3 sessions)

Goal Setting (A process I designed to increase your odds of achieving what you want dramatically)

(7 sessions)

I offer the above on a weekly session basis, or for an extra R400, I offer them as one day intensives. In other words, we can do the entire breakthrough during the course of a single day.

The coaching is also available telephonically, via skype, or by email. We can discuss the best option for you.

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