Personal Coaching

The Coaching Experience

Whatever your needs in terms of personal growth, I can tailor the coaching to suite you.

I coach in one on one sessions, I coach couples, and I also coach on Skype. We can decide on this once you have contacted me.

I offer one-session coaching for specific needs such as motivation, or even spelling problems, and more. I also offer the Personal Transformation Experience which takes about twelve hours over a few sessions, this is for people who want to overhaul their lives and experience change on every level.

I only take clients who are invested in changing their lives, and I choose to see my clients as magnificent. Sure, it can make me seem tough at times, but my clients deserve the kind of coach that gets results.

I am always there for my clients, even after they have reached their desired outcomes, and see my client relationship as a long term one.

Personal Transformation

Your results in life are simply the end product of your behaviour (actions and choices), it looks like this:

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Most therapeutic approaches attempt to modify behaviour and thus impact the end results, but any approach that does not take the underlying value system into account is doomed to fail.

By the time my client comes to me they have attempted many times to change - they have read books, embarked on a program of affirmations, or perhaps even sought some type of professional help. These all work for a little while, but the problem behaviour soon reasserts itself and the client is back to where he/she started. This approach attempts to effect change from the outside in.

Personal Transformation coaching has the value system as it’s target, so an invested client will always get results. This approach effects change from the inside out. Behaviour modification is only used if the client is engaging in potentially harmful behaviours.

Here is another way of looking at it:

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Time Paradigm Techniques

working with the inner you

A powerful set of "mind tools" to help you get rid of emotional baggage, and also to delete limiting beliefs, replacing them with ones that will support your success.

Neuro Linguistic Programming

the pathway to a more succesful you

An effective set of insights and skills. NLP will help you to be in charge of your thoughts and feelings, leading to better behaviours and amazing results.

Stress Biofeedback

helping you take back your life

Stress is at the root of most modern day dis-eases.Stress management using a variety of techniques is essential for a healthy and happier life.


that moment, just before you fall asleep...

Hypnosis is the art of using natural states ofrelaxation to help you to impliment improvement and change across a wide range of personal issues.

Career Coaching

love what you do, and do what you love

In life and in work it is essential that you are happy with what you do coaching can help you to discover what you want and help you pursue it, whether that is a new job, or greater success in your current one.

Relationship Coaching

for the important relationship in your life

Whether you are a struggling single, or in a difficult relationship, happiness is possible for you. Where both parties are willing and invested, there is no relationship that cannot be repaired.

Superior Goal Setting

to help you turn dreams into realities

I have designed a goal setting system that is unique to Imagine Life Coaching, and not only will you design a goal that is 100% congruent with what you desire, but you will have a realistic action plan that when followed is guaranteed to get you to your goal.

amazing support

an excellent coach is one who will be the coach you need

Throughout the process and continuing afterwards, I will provide ongoing support to you. I see the coach/client relationship as a long term one that will see you crossing the victory line.

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