Naturopathic Nutrition


What is Naturopathic Nutrition?

First, lets take a look at The Law of Cure The law of cure, or Hering's Law of Cure, is the natural way the body heals or cures itself. We heal from the Head down and from the inside out. In other words, healing starts in the mind first (we must believe we can get well) and then it continues by allowing the body to cleanse by eliminating toxins from the body.

Diseases heal in the reverse order of which they began. It progress from the most vital to the least vital of the organs. What we call symptoms are actually a part of the process of healing, and we only hinder this healing by supressing the symptoms. Unfortunately much of modern medicine is about supressing symptoms, but this only serves to keep us sick.

Naturopathic nutrition emphasises the use of organic and whole foods as medicine. As as been done successfully by cultures throughout history. More and more people are turning to healthy eating as a means of living healthy lives. Naturopathic nutrition demystifies this journey and greatly aids in living optimally healthy lives.

If you want to get your health On Track, then naturopathic nutrition is the way to go.


How do we get sick?

Modern day life seems tailor made to make us sick. We breath polluted air and we eat polluted food and our bodies just can't cope. Not to mention the stress that we face on a daily basis from extreme working hours, financial pressure, frequent traffic jams, kids, and failing relationships that all work to weaken the immune system and make us susceptable to all kinds of metabolic diseases and leave us vulnerable to the nasties we should be able to just fight off. Add to all of the sugar that we consume daily (South Africans consume about 25kgs of sugar per yer, that's about 17 teaspoons of sugar per day) that is making us fat and sluggish, and is grealty contributing to diabetes and cancer. Oh most people think they don't consume a lot of sugar, arguing that they only take 1 teaspoon in their coffee, but if you start reading your food labels and discovering all the hidden sugars, you will see how that quickly becomes 17 teaspoons or more a day.

I tried a little experiment the other day, after eating healthily for a long time I decided to eat some junk food from a popular fast food restaurant. Boy was that ever a mistake, I was sick and had the runs for nearly three days after that. It made me realise that most people are just so used to being sick that they don't even feel it. Getting sick is anomolous, being healthy is your birthright.


What can a Naturopathic Nutritionist do for you?

  • Find the right diet that works for you.
  • Along with my coaching skills, inspire, motivate and help you to stick with the plan .
  • Deal with the root cause of your sleep problems, low energy, skin issues, hormonal problems without resorting to medication or taking more supplements than food – food is your best medicine for many (but not all) health concerns.
  • Prevent disease like diabetes and cancer rather than to be stuck with a lifetime of symptom management.
  • Fix that digestive system. Good health begins with the gut.
  • Find out just how food can boost your mood. Learn the secret of good food = good mood.
  • I will help you develop a lifestyle of health, not just dietary advice.
  • No more yo-yo or crash diets. I will help you reach your health goals naturally, gradually and healthily.
  • Learn what nutrients you may be deficient in due to medications you are taking. Use foods and supplements (if needed) to replace what's lost. For example, one of the most common depleted nutrients is CoQ10 from statin drugs. The very nutrient needed for heart health is being depleted by a touted "heart health" drug.

Time Paradigm Techniques

working with the inner you

A powerful set of "mind tools" to help you get rid of emotional baggage, and also to delete limiting beliefs, replacing them with ones that will support your success.

Neuro Linguistic Programming

the pathway to a more succesful you

An effective set of insights and skills. NLP will help you to be in charge of your thoughts and feelings, leading to better behaviours and amazing results.

Stress Biofeedback

helping you take back your life

Stress is at the root of most modern day dis-eases.Stress management using a variety of techniques is essential for a healthy and happier life.


that moment, just before you fall asleep...

Hypnosis is the art of using natural states ofrelaxation to help you to impliment improvement and change across a wide range of personal issues.

Career Coaching

love what you do, and do what you love

In life and in work it is essential that you are happy with what you do coaching can help you to discover what you want and help you pursue it, whether that is a new job, or greater success in your current one.

Relationship Coaching

for the important relationship in your life

Whether you are a struggling single, or in a difficult relationship, happiness is possible for you. Where both parties are willing and invested, there is no relationship that cannot be repaired.

Superior Goal Setting

to help you turn dreams into realities

I have designed a goal setting system that is unique to Imagine Life Coaching, and not only will you design a goal that is 100% congruent with what you desire, but you will have a realistic action plan that when followed is guaranteed to get you to your goal.

amazing support

an excellent coach is one who will be the coach you need

Throughout the process and continuing afterwards, I will provide ongoing support to you. I see the coach/client relationship as a long term one that will see you crossing the victory line.

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