Summiting Everest


I have been a student of the Law of Attraction for some years now, and I am not ashamed to say that it has been with little success. When I say success, I mean in terms of creation that is consciously directed and not the result of the subconscious mind directing events from the shadows. In other words, I still struggle with a life that is the product of my old programming and not a life that is reflecting what I truly want. I am a Master Life Coach; I should have gotten there by now, right? I thought so too. Believe me when I say that I have tried a LOT of things, things that truly have done marvellous things for other people, but I still seem to be in a similar place.

You get what you unconsciously expect to get, so you can affirm and hypnotise yourself all you want, you will still get what you unconsciously expect.

All I can say about that is that we are all summiting Everest. Some people find a route that works quickly; I have been searching a bit longer. I think as a Coach I have spent a lot of time helping others find their paths; I perhaps should have spent some time finding my own. Well, it is what it is, and I have learned so many fantastic things that will all come into their own pretty soon I am sure.  I must state here that just because a thing doesn’t work for you, it doesn’t mean it is useless. To use a more brutal analogy, a headache tablet won’t help much with brain cancer.

Enter Greg Kuhn and his book “How Quantum Physicists Build Better Beliefs”. What excited me about this book is that it applies the same idea to belief change that I do to goal setting. What I say is that if you are attempting to achieve a goal you start exactly where you are and take the smallest possible and totally believable steps to get there. If you stray too far outside of your comfort zone you will pretty much sabotage your own efforts. In his book (and you will also find a similar idea in the works of Abraham-Hicks), Greg states that the pain you feel in life is the distance between your desire and where you are now. In other words, your level of discomfort in life tells you how far away you are from your desire. Basically, you so badly want to be rich, but your unconscious mind says that you are poor.

You get what you unconsciously expect to get, so you can affirm and hypnotise yourself all you want, you will still get what you unconsciously expect. Don’t get me wrong, affirmations and hypnosis (and a host of other great techniques) really do work, but the immediate results you see in people’s lives are usually because they are reasonably close to their desires in terms of their unconscious expectations. Those who are a considerable distance from their desires may find these techniques to be unfruitful and frustrating. In my life I notice there are areas in which I create and manifest quickly, and areas in which things just don’t seem to be happening.

I always thought that those techniques would shift my beliefs and get me the results I wanted. To return to my goal setting theory, your unconscious mind will not accept a new belief that is too strange, or too far outside of its comfort zone. It is programmed to keep you safe, and normal is safe. So these techniques will work, if what they are doing is close enough to your unconscious expectations, but if they are not you will get a firm “no” in response to your efforts. That’s just the way it is.

Your expectations need to match your desire if you want to see those results in your life. So what needs to happen is that the unconscious mind’s beliefs need to be moved upwards, towards the desire, but always within its comfort zone. Using an incrementally increasing feeling scale that you can find in his book, and in the works of Abraham-Hicks, you can chart a step by step course to the feeling that matches your desire. Let’s be honest, if you find that you are not getting results, you will find that your true feelings about your desire are nowhere near close to being compatible. So you start where you are and increase your feelings tiny bit, by tiny bit.

But why feelings when beliefs are what matter? Feelings are your beliefs. A belief is a feeling that has become habitual; the language you use to explain the belief is nothing more than the English words you use to explain the feeling. Your unconscious mind does not speak English; it speaks in feelings which are translated into pictures, and then words. It all happens so quickly that the words are usually all you can get with your conscious mind. You say “I believe such and such” when in truth it is you describing your feelings about something.

The movement up the scale is so small, and the feelings differ almost imperceptibly. This is so that your unconscious mind will accept the process with no resistance. For this reason it is a process that is guaranteed to work, and while it may feel like a long process (weeks or months), it is certainly quicker than being stuck indefinitely. Eventually the dark feelings become lighter, brighter, and then brilliant.

So what makes it work so well? Firstly, it is consciously directed, so you are now in charge and not your unconscious mind, and secondly, you are doing it in a way that is both respectful and loving to your unconscious mind, so it gladly cooperates.

Here is the third reason: I was listening to Bruce Lipton this morning, and he was talking about harmonic resonance, and a penny dropped for me. If you have two guitars in a room and you pluck the A string on one, the A string on the other (and none of the other strings) will begin to vibrate. This is called harmonic resonance. Here is the thing though, if you stop the A string on the first guitar it will begin to vibrate again. In other words, the second guitar is affecting the first guitar. A has an effect on B, which in turn has an effect on A.

This process that Greg puts forward in his book is about harmonic resonance. You feel a certain way and you get a certain result, which in turn causes you to feel a certain way. I have spoken about this before. I call it a “feedback loop”; feeling – result – feeling. So as you begin to climb the feeling scale you start where you are: feeling – result – feeling. Then you choose a very similar feeling that is higher on the scale and you begin to live from that feeling, and very quickly you notice harmonic resonance: feeling - result- feeling. The process continues, but what you notice is that the results start improving. It is foolproof if it is done properly.

If you want to learn more about all of this, and it excites you as much as it excites me then I recommend a three course meal. Get Greg’s books, supplement with Abraham Hicks, and wash it down with Bruce Lipton.

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