The Balance


I have spent a few years trying to make the Law of Attraction work for me. By that I mean get more of what I do want in my life and less of what I don’t want. I must admit, the idea of being able to manipulate the stuff of life in order to stack the odds in my favour is still pretty alluring. I think that when anyone of us is in a situation where we feel powerless and out of control it would be nice to move things in the right direction.

So far the results have been mixed. Here is the thing though; there have been results, mixed as though they are, and I remain convinced that somehow, someway, I am responsible for the creation of my own reality. For me, and you, what you see “out there” is a reflection of what you have (tap yourself on the chest) “in here”. It gets quite frustrating though, the things I really want seem to elude me, and some things that I think about in passing appear quickly. So I think, “Aha, that’s the key!” and I become nonchalant and think about the things I really want “in passing” and they still elude me. It often feels like I am trying to bake a cake without a recipe, I know I have the ingredients, but I can’t seem to get the details right. I read this book, and that book, and watch this film and that, and the science is all there, the teachers seem to be products of their philosophies, but when I try the recipe it flops.

The thing with the Law of Attraction is that it is isn’t the techniques themselves that make it work, but the things going on inside the you when you use them.

Is there information that is being held back? Or, is there something about this that ALWAYS gets lost in translation? I think it is the latter. Either that, or every guru that I have listened to is a con artist, but I personally don’t believe that. I believe that the best they can do, and that I as a teacher can do, is to give coordinates and point you in the right direction. The rest is up to the individual. That kind of sucks though, we want the recipe, and we want someone else to have done the heavy lifting so that we can just enjoy the results. I just don’t think it works that way, not soul work anyway. That would be like asking your friend to go and get a tattoo for you, it makes the idea of trying what somebody else has done and then quitting because it doesn’t work for you seem pretty ludicrous. You have to get the pieces and assemble the puzzle for yourself.

The thing with the Law of Attraction is that it is isn’t the techniques themselves that make it work, but the things going on inside the you when you use them. It’s not about the little tip of the iceberg; it is the mysterious mountain beneath the surface. The teacher will teach a technique, but will not be able to adequately communicate the work that is going on inside. It is a lot like trying to describe water to someone who has never encountered it. So in truth, the best you can really hope for is to gather the pieces and start figuring it out for yourself, and that can take time.

I always chuckle when I hear a teacher say “I lived in poverty for ten years, but now I am prospering and here is what I have learned so you can prosper too!” Kudos, but this power comes with a price that we all must pay, so putting into practice what the teacher learned through pain isn’t going to get us any more than mixed results, we have to pay the school fees.

So here is another piece of the puzzle for you, and this came to me last night when I woke up and went to get some water (as the best ideas tend to do). What you get in your reality is the balance of what is going on inside of you. If you think of a set of old fashioned scales, like the scales of justice. One the one side you place your intention and on the other you place your counter intention (or resistance), and what is manifested in your reality is the balance.

So practically speaking, let’s say you wanted a new job (or whatever else it is that you really want). The intention is to get this new job, so that gets placed on one side of the scale, on the other side goes all the counter intention, and this would be all the limiting beliefs and feelings (I am not good enough, what’s the point, it won’t happen to me blah, blah, blah). If the counter intention outweighs the intention (as it more often than not does) what you will get will be the resulting balance, which will be more of the counter intention in your life. What has the most weight has the biggest impact, it is not about how much weight it has but rather that it has the most.

If there was some intention and a lot of counter intention you would get few desirable results. If there was a lot more intention and equal counter intention then you would get.....tadaaa....mixed results. If you had intention but no counter intention, then you would write a book about it, the results would be that obvious. Intention can be either good or bad, and the same goes for counter intention. So when you have wanted to die (intention) but there was so much in you that really wanted to live (counter intention - even though at that point you weren’t consciously aware of it) you didn’t get what you wanted. When you wanted that new car (intention) but had a whole bunch of unconscious fears and doubts (counter intention), you didn’t get it. This explains why those things that you think about in passing (good or bad) seem to manifest quickly, there is little or no counter intention. When it comes to the things you really, desperately want, these things are usually heavy laden with volumes of counter intention, so they stay out of your reach.

So the trick would be to remove the counter intention from the one side of the scale, and to continue doing so until it is clear of counter intention. As the balance slowly shifts you start to see subtle changes in your reality, but there may be so much counter intention that you do a lot of clearing and see no results. Most people quit at this point, but the guy who did it for ten years didn’t and now he has written a book about it. That’s the thing though; I don’t know how long it will take for you.

Some things will come quickly, some will take a long, long time (even longer if you quit, or worse, do nothing). Not even you can tell how much counter intention you have to deal with, and the best you can hope for is to deal with it as and when it comes up. There is one thing you can do to speed things up though, and that is to simply do the work. Spend time imagining having what you want (as if you had it now) then see what comes up to counter it, and then deal with it using a clearing/cleaning tool of your choice. How long will you need to do this? Some things will come quickly, others won’t, and there is just no way to really know. Here is a hint though; those things that you really care about and that you really want will take the longest. Those things that mean little to you, and don’t really matter either way, will seem to come easily. Could this be saying that the key to getting what you want quicker is to stop wanting it? Hmmmmm.

My advice as you navigate this confusing terrain is to live in the present moment, learn to let go and be happy now, deal with counter intention as and when it comes up, keep on doing the work, and never ever give up!

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