About Me

About Me

Anthony Rockliffe

My life started out as a miracle. I was born three months premature, and the doctors wanted my parents to name me so they had something to put on the death certificate, but thanks to a miracle they didn’t need it. I felt called from a young age to help people change their lives, but never pursued that dream. I did what most people do and that is just get a job and try to make ends meet.

I have enjoyed jobs such as managing a clothing store, national customer service manager for Samsung, award winning video editor for ATTV Communications, freelance writing for companies like Heidrick and Struggles, and then running my own small but successful production company. I was successful at all I did, but it didn’t necessarily result in happiness. When I decided to become a Life Coach, and then a Master Life Coach. Then, in order to provide a more holistic service for my clients, I certified as a Naturopathic Nutritionist. I found myself on the road of success AND happiness.

Following your passion and doing what you love is the key to fulfilment, but sadly, most people just walk the road they have been told to walk, and they never find the courage to break through their limitations and do what their hearts are telling them to do. I will help you break through that self-imposed ceiling and find the voice of the real you! .

What is your story?

Now is the time for a new one!

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